Strangford MP Jim Shannon Expresses Concern About Plans For EU Army


Strangford MP Jim Shannon has expressed his concerns about proposals to create a new army in the EU.

dn_screenHe said” “I see that secret plans for an EU Army have been leaked ahead of the referendum showing how the plans are intentionally being kept secret from the voters so as to not give electoral ammunition to the leave campaign.

“The secrecy of the plans shows the utter arrogance of the EU set up that they feel they can show disregard for voters and the lack of transparency only goes to show that the unelected elite in Brussels know that they have something to hide.

“Similar proposals were vetoed by the United Kingdom in 2011 but a loophole could allow nine states in favour of the proposals to bypass opponents once again showing the lack of clout and influence the UK has in the EU.

“The United Kingdom’s Armed Forces are still renowned the world over and it’s fair to say that proposals such as this are why we see so many veterans of high regard such as a former commanding officer of the SAS advocating a Brexit.

“If you’re like me and the prospect of an EU Army is not something you’d ever sign up to then the only way to ensure we retain our own strong, independent, British Army is to vote to leave the EU on the 23rd June.”