Poundland Poirot Cracks Card Case In Downpatrick

Downpatrick Poundland Has Its Own Poirot.

A Downpatrick Poundland shop assistant has helped solve a shopping mystery!

What could be worse than losing your bank card especially at a time when people are avoiding using cash to make payments during the Covid-19 epidemic?

Downpatrick Poundland assistant Christine Telford, delighted to have solved the mystery of the missing bank card.

When a customer left their bank card in the Poundland store in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, on Thursday (16 April), sales assistant Christine Telford turned into detective mode.

The shop’s Sherlock used the name on the card to find the owner on Facebook and messaged her. From a photo on Facebook she also recognised the woman’s husband as a local bus driver. When one of his colleagues came into the store she asked him to pass on the message. Excellent detective work!

Detective Poirot, expert in solving

The card’s grateful owner came in to collect the card and shortly after her husband presented Christine with a bottle of prosecco as a thank you.

Christine said: “It was so nice that they did that. We have lovely customers, we really do. We all know what it’s like to lose something, so straight away I tried to find them. It’s nice to be treated nice!” said Christine who has worked at the store for seven years.

Poundland retail director Austin Cooke added: “It is just fantastic that with everything else going on at the moment, Christine took the time using her initiative to trace the card’s owner. We’re used to Poundland colleagues going above and beyond to help customers, but Christine has turned out to be a real Poundland Poirot. Well done to her!”