Lagan Valley Endoscopy Unit Receives DOH Award

The regional endoscopy unit at Lagan Valley Hospital receives prestigious Department of Health Award

The Endoscopy and Booking Teams at Lagan Valley Hospital’s Regional Endoscopy Unit have been awarded the prestigious Department of Health’s High Performance Elective Award.

This recognition celebrates the team’s exceptional dedication to providing outstanding care and optimising elective services within the hospital.

The Regional Endoscopy Unit at Lagan Valley Hospital was established to reduce waiting times for endoscopy services across Northern Ireland.

Initially focusing on routine long-waiting endoscopy patients, the service quickly adapted to meet the increasing demand for suspect ‘red-flag’ cancer endoscopy procedures.

This flexibility and dedication to patient care have been instrumental in the success of the Regional Endoscopy Service.

The regional endoscopy team at Lagan Valley Hospital have won the Department of Health’s High Performance Elective Award.

Patients from across Northern Ireland benefit from this Regional service, allowing them to undergo their diagnostic endoscopy procedures sooner than in their local Trust. 

Due to the increasing demand for diagnostic endoscopy, Lagan Valley Hospital provides the link, knowledge, skills and resources to deliver a team of skilled Endoscopy Practitioners meeting the Region’s needs.

At the forefront of this success is Endoscopy Lead Nurse, Claire Gressani, who has provided key leadership in the achievements of the Regional Endoscopy Service at Lagan Valley Hospital.

A new pre-assessment process has been implemented in the unit enhancing patient care and experience.

Through the introduction of pre-assessment, patients are now provided with an overview of what to expect during their visit to the unit, which has demonstrated a reduction in non-attendances for colonoscopy patients.

Congratulating the Endoscopy and Booking Teams, the Director of Surgery, Elective, Maternity and Paediatrics, Maggie Parks said: “The Department of Health’s High Performance Elective Award is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our Endoscopy and Booking Teams.  

“This recognises their tireless efforts in improving patient outcomes and contributing to the overall success of the hospital.”

“Staff in the Regional Endoscopy Unit and the Booking Teams continue to develop strong relationships with patients.

“These relationships make it easier for patients to access our services and receive the care they need, making a significant impact on patient care and outcomes.”

Assistant Director of Elective Care and Radiology Services, Chris Allam, added: “The Regional Endoscopy Unit at Lagan Valley Hospital provides a crucial service in providing diagnostic procedures for red-flag and routine patients regionally.

“The staff in the Unit are just brilliant and very committed to maintaining and continually enhancing this service, ensuring that patients receive timely diagnosis and treatment.”