Shannon Calls for Wide Support on Remembrance Sunday

Dear Editor,

re: Remembrance Sunday

I am so aware that the day that this letter will be published it will around the 25th anniversary of the Enniskillen bombing and I am aware that the HET investigation file has been handed to the PSNI.

I watched again the news report and my heart went out to the families and those who were at that event. On that Remembrance Sunday our hearts were broken and we had even more reason to stand in silence and remember the fallen. This Remembrance Sunday will be the same  in my constituency of Strangford as we have such a fresh example of service and sacrifice with the death of young Channing Day who will be buried from Comber this week.

Such a bright light that no longer shines here, her family mourn her and her community grieve on their behalf. She stands as a reminder of the real reason for Remembrance Sunday… a time to honour those who gave their lives in service to Queen and Country. I sincerely urge this whole community to take the time on Sunday to attend your local remembrance service.

It is a time when we show our respect and teach our children that they should understand the reason that we enjoy freedom and democracy as well as safety in this country, young and old, men and women, at home and on foreign fields have given their lives.

This Sunday, make the journey to your local cenotaph, spend 30 minutes of your Sunday in remembrance and respect and be thankful for the sacrifices which enable you to spend the rest of your day as you please, free from oppression and fear.

Let it be the cry of Strangford this Sunday – “We will remember them.”

Yours sincerely,

Jim Shannon MP

34a Frances Street

BT23 7DN.