Rogers Welcomes North-South Movement over Narrow Water Bridge

SOUTH Down MLA Seán Rogers (SDLP) has questioned the Deputy First Minister over whether the Narrow Water Bridge project was discussed at the recent North-South Ministerial Council.

Mr Rogers questioned the DFM on the floor of the Assembly on Tuesday  6 November and said he would continue to monitor progress of the project on both sides of the border.

Speaking afterterwards he said: “I asked the Deputy First Minister if the Narrow Water Bridge discussed at the latest North-South Ministerial Council because I believe that, as it has been passed planning by the Environment Minister Alex Attwood and secured funding from the Special EU Programmes Body, it is imperative that the right focus and determination is matched by both departments both side of the border to see the project through.

“The DFM responded that it was indeed raised at the North-South Ministerial Meeting, and that both finance departments, North and South, were working on their commitment.

“I welcome that. This bridge has the potential to become an economic driver for the entire South Down area, and I will continue to monitor its progress through to completion,” added Mr Rogers.