Ritchie Says HMRC Must Take Responsibility For Concentrix Failure

South Down MP Margaret Ritchie (SDLP) has criticised HMRC for the plight of many tax credit claimants following investigations by Concentrix. Speaking in a Westminster Hall debate, Ms Ritchie highlighted the fact that responsibility for Concentrix’s failures ultimately lies with HMRC.

dn_screenMs Ritchie said: “My office has been inundated with calls from distressed constituents who have had their tax credits stopped as a result of action taken by Concentrix. They have been left with a sudden and significant loss of income and have been dealt with in a degrading and humiliating way. Many have been left without enough money to heat their homes or feed their children: this is totally unacceptable.

“I share the frustration and anger my constituents feel for Concentrix but HMRC and Treasury Ministers cannot be let off the hook. HMRC made the decision to outsource and they designed the contract. They must accept its responsibility for the desperate and unacceptable circumstances of our constituents.

“HMRC’s decision not to renew its contract with Concentrix in May of next year is not the end of this matter. This is part of a long term cost cutting exercise by HMRC and a number of questions remain.

“HMRC must bring this service back in-house and commit to treating claimants respectfully and efficiently. Moreover, the maximum compensation award of £100 is derisory in the face of loss of income, possible debt accumulated and the amount of anxiety caused. I will continue to work with other MP’s to pursue the HMRC and Treasury Ministers on this matter.”