Minister Welcomes Funding Boost For Language Broadcasting

CULTURE Minister Carál Ní Chuilín has welcomed a cash boost for the Irish Language and Ulster-Scots Broadcast Funds.

It was announced in the British Chancellor’s Autumn Statement yesterday that £4million of additional support will be provided for the funds in 2015-16.

The Minister said: “I have underlined the importance the Irish Language and Ulster-Scots broadcast funds. [caption id="attachment_35770" align="alignright" width="210"]DCAL Minister Caral Ni Chuilin DCAL Minister Caral Ni Chuili[/caption]

“The result of this investment so far has been a range of high quality programmes and initiatives. These have helped to increase the profile of language and culture, furthering education and understanding, while breaking down barriers through increased participation.

“This has been welcomed by advocates and those with an academic interest in Irish and Ulster Scots, but it also benefits the wider community. “I am pleased that this will continue, and look forward to future programmes. I will continue to work hard to try and ensure funding can be mainstreamed on a sustainable basis in future. “Recently, I spoke in favour of an Assembly motion calling for the transfer of broadcasting powers from the British government to the Executive. I would also welcome the opportunity to explore the potential to transfer and mainstream the Irish Language and Ulster Scots broadcast funds and I will continue to take this forward.” The Minister also welcomed continued tax relief for film and high-end television production. “The north has grown in status and stature as a hotbed for film and television production. We have seen the success of shows and several big-budget films. They reflect the growing confidence and vibrancy of the creative industries here. This latest news is a boost for a local sector as it continues to assert itself on a global stage.”]]>