McGrath Says Community Pharmacies Need Backed

McGrath says community pharmacies cannot carry cost of 'DUP failure'

McGrath says community pharmacies cannot carry cost of ‘DUP failure

SDLP Health Spokesperson Colin McGrath has said that community pharmacies should not be expected “to carry the financial cost of the DUP’s political failure at a time when the pharmacies themselves are struggling financially.”

Colin McGrath MLA.
South Down MLA Colin McGrath is concerned at the financial pressures facing community pharmacies.

South Down MLA Mr McGrath said: “News that some pharmacies will be charging for their delivery services will come as a shock to many in our community.

“We all know the tremendous work that they have done and continue to do, and they really are a core service which must be protected and supported.

“While this will be a further financial burden for people at an already difficult time, I can understand why some pharmacies feel they have had no choice but to take this step.

“This is a time of real financial constraint and community pharmacies are facing these costs on a regular basis.

“It is quite appalling that we have healthcare providers such as these facing such struggles, and the DUP are continuing their boycott of the political institutions that could give some support.

“Community pharmacies are a key part of the health service delivery model and they are an essential part of future plans for a transformed healthcare system.

“They cannot be expected to pay the cost of the DUP’s political failure.

“If Jeffrey Donaldson and the DUP genuinely care about our healthcare system, and those that serve in it, then they need to get out of the corner they have backed themselves into and get back to work. This cannot continue indefinitely.”