Hazzard Says UK Will Face Legal Challenge Over Brexit

British cannot be allowed to override Brexit agreement Says South Down MP Chris Hazzard.


British cannot be allowed to override Brexit agreement Says South Down MP Chris Hazzard

Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard has said the British government cannot be allowed to override what it has already agreed on Brexit.

Chris Hazzard said: “The European Commission, in advice to member states has made it clear that any attempt to override the Withdrawal Agreement or Irish Protocol by the British government would be a clear breach of what has been agreed and could lead to legal action.

“This is something we will be raising directly with the British government today when we will take part in a Joint Council meeting alongside the EU and British government negotiating teams.

“The British government is clearly acting in bad faith and the international community can see that and have made it clear with both the European Commission and leading US political figures calling it out.

South Down MP Chris Hazzard.

“They cannot be allowed to override or cast aside what has already been agreed.”

The latest twist in the Brexit row hangs on the UK governments interpretation of the negotiation process. Boris Johnston maintains that ultimately British sovereignty is the final acid test, while former Tory PM’s John Major and Theresa May and other senior Tory figures believe that Johnston’s move is an unacceptable breach in international law leaving the UK in a state similar to a ‘banana republic’.

Britiain does not rule the waves anymore and the element of trust in international agreements is vital for the the UK to survive in a world where trust is a vital ingredient in international trading and agreements.