Ardglass Sail To Victory Over Kilmore Rec

NAFL Division 1

Premier League Match

Ardglass 3  Kilmore Rec 2

Ardglass sailed home in the first half comfortably with a three goal first lead over visitors Kilmore Rec. They took most of the control in this period and never looked as though they were going to get beat. But two goals from Kilmore in the second half did take the wind out of their sails and they struggled in the end to ensure that Kilmore did not nab an equaliser.

[caption id="attachment_58388" align="alignleft" width="390"]Stephen Deegans up for a header for Ardglass is just beaten by Kilmore Rec keeper McElevey Stephen Deegans up for a header for Ardglass is just beaten by Kilmore Rec keeper Stephen McElevey.[/caption]

Ardglass opened the scoring with an early effort from Stephen Deegans in the ninth minute when Mark Feenan dribbled the ball close to the goal and tapped across to Deegans who slotted it in.

The next came with Ardglass taking a corner after some sustained attacking pressure and in the goalmouth scramble it was Malachy Crangle who drilled the ball to the back of the Kilmore net.

As Ardglass kept up the pressure, the third goal came from a volley from Mark Feenan on the edge of the box to the top corner giving Kilmore keeper Stephen McElevey no chance of saving it.

But despite Ardglass looking the dominant team on their home turf, Kilmore fought back in the second half to try and restore the three goal deficit. Kilmore started prodding at the Ardglass defence pushing the seasiders back into their own half.

Philip Traynor had a good game for Kilmore feeding the ball to the front line and making a few very useful solo runs pressing the Ardglass back line. But Ardglass appeared the stronger team and were soon attacking again. Daniel Smyth made an excellent cross to the head of Mark Feenan which went shooting past the post followed by another determined effort challenging keeper McElevey on a one to one but the keeper managed to get the better of Feenan.

Feenan made a useful cross from the right to the goal area forcing a corner taken by Daniel Smyth who sent in a great ball to the head of Caolan O’Shea but it was an inch over the top post. Feenan was certainly showing the form he is capable of as an attacker and will no doubt even improve as the season progresses.

[caption id="attachment_58389" align="alignright" width="390"]Mark Feenan crosses the ball into the Kilmore REc goal area. Mark Feenan crosses the ball into the Kilmore Rec goal one of his many attacks. [/caption]

Liam Mullan too was thirsting for a goal and made an excellent cross to Feenan who took the low volley but was just wide of target.

Despite the Ardglass forays into the Kilmore half, Kilmore too were showing their teeth with a great one-two from Aidan Denvir to Phil Traynor cutting through the defence but a timely intervention from Ardglass defender Stephen Deegans stopped what would have been an inevitable goal. Kilmore were certainly looking very dangerous as the second half progressed with Traynor acting as the main relentless attacking force.

Ardglass were certainly challenging but were not getting into top gear. Kilmore took a free kick and Traynor curled the ball inwards from 30 yards past the defenders just missing the far post.

Then Ardglass made a quick break and Mullan tore through the back line and crossed to sub Christian O’Connell who had the ball nicked from his feet by Kilmore keeper McKelvey. Both teams were getting opportunities and a goal seemed inevitable as the clock ticked.

Ardglass seemed comfortable with their three goal lead and had taken to some extent their foot off the pedal. But in the 71st minute a relatively simple but well taken goal from Kilmore defender John Polley put them back in the saddle. He hit a low volley from a 30-yard free kick which cut past the Ardglass defenders finding a spot at the right post.

This goal lifted Kilmore and it was all to play for. Philly Traynor got a new lease of life and stepped up the pace making a great solo run and volleying at the Ardglass goal but was only the width of a bootlace over the post. Callum Dougan had a great run of the left but Ardglass defender Caolan O’Shea made a timely intervention halting the attack. Ardglass were keeping their cool and looked unfashed at their point.

Then the game turned as Kilmore struck again with a loose ball being tapped in past Gareth Rice to narrow the gap to one goal and all to play for. The temperature of the game certainly went up and Ardglass forward Mullan was looking at an open Kilmore  goal but a great save from McElevey dashed his hopes. And again Ardglass were close to securing their lead when Feenan crossed to O’Connell waiting in the goalmouth but the safe hands of McElevey ended that attack. The Kilmore keeper was having a good game despite being three down in the first half.

As the game was drawing to a close, both teams had developed a sense of urgency, Kilmore pressing for a draw and the valuable points, and Ardglass hoping for another goal to secure a clear win.

As this great attacking game came to an end, Philly Traynor made a final run and a volley at goal but his effort was deflected by Ardglass defender Caolan O’Shea preventing a last minute turnaround for Kilmore.


Ardglass FC: Gareth Rice, Malachy Crangle, Lee McEvoy, Chris Teggart, Caolan O’Shea, Daniel Smyth, Stephen Deegans, Brian Crangle, Mark Feenan, Aaron Ibinison, Liam Mullan: Subs – Luke Mulhall, Chris Armstrong and Christian O’Connell.

Kilmore Rec FC: Steven McElevey, Michael Goodall, Darryl Heaney, John Polley, Ciaran McGarrity, Conor Mahoney, Michael McGarrity, Matthew McGarrity, Philip Traynor, Callum  Dougan,   Aiden Denvir:  Subs – Michael Tohill, Neill Henry and Jack Montgomery.