Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke Concerned About Bryansford Road Wall

Alliance Councillor Patrick Clarke has written to Roads Service regarding his concern about a public pedestrian footpath on the Bryansford Road near Rowley Meadows in Newcastle which is being partially obstructed by a small wall forcing pedestrians onto the busy Bryansford Road he has said.

[caption id="attachment_53707" align="alignleft" width="390"]Councillor Patrick Clarke is concerned about a wall intruding onto the Bryansford road in Newcastle. Councillor Patrick Clarke is concerned about a wall intruding onto the Bryansford road in Newcastle.[/caption]

One constituent who contacted Councillor Patrick Clarke advised him that she was forced onto the Bryansford Road with a child’s buggy as she did not properly see the wall in the dark.

Councillor Patrick Clarke said: “I have been contacted by concerned constituents regarding a footpath outside the entrance of Rowley Meadows along the Bryansford Road in Newcastle which has a section which is blocked by a small wall causing pedestrians to have to leave the footpath onto the busy main Bryansford Road before stepping back onto the footpath.

“I have requested if Roads Service could remove this small section of wall and to allow the public footpath to continue so as pedestrians do not have to be forced to walk onto the Bryansford Road meeting oncoming traffic particularly in the the dark evenings.

“Given the wall is very small and only obstructs a short section of the public footpath it would be in the interests of public safety for this section of wall to be completely removed and the footpath therefore not to be obstructed. I have asked Roads Service to look into this matter.”

The wall and the property it is built on may be privately owned and Roads Service will likely have to consult with the owner.