Stop The Opportunistic Thief Says PCSP


With the Christmas season approaching and shops increasingly busy, Audrey Byrne, Vice Chairperson of Down Policing and Community Safety Partnership (PCSP) wishes to remind shop owners, residents and visitors of simple steps that anyone can take to block the opportunist thief.

The advice is based in common sense and applies equally to shoppers, shop owners and general members of the public. Speaking on this issue at a Down Policiing and Community Safety Partnership meeting, Audrey said: “Opportunist thefts include stealing handbags/wallets, presents, bicycles, tools, or anything else which has been left unattended which criminals see as an opportunity to steal.

dpcsp_screen“These crimes can be avoided by taking some simple preventative measures and remaining extra vigilant in trying to prevent opportunist theft. Simple measures such as not leaving your property unattended at any time and storing it out of sight prevents the opportunity to lift it.

“Never leave property outside during daytime hours and especially overnight. Don’t leave items of value in your unlocked car, home, shop premises, rear yard or garden. Mark items of value with things such as permanent marker or permanent ultra violet marker using your house number and post code. Small changes in the way we act can make such a difference in preventing theft.”

Councillor William Dick, Chairperson, Down PCSP supported Audrey’s timely advice adding adding: “With the increased use of lightweight electronic devices such as Smart phones, tablets, Ipods etc it literally only takes the opportunistic thief a second to steal your property. Follow the simple advice given and do not become a victim of crime”.

Down Area Commander, Chief Inspector Gillian West, also said: “The festive season is a busy time of year for everyone, including the criminal, so don’t let them cash in on your Christmas.

“Policing never stops and local police will, as usual, be working through the holidays but I would ask you to help them by taking some simple precautions. Don’t make your home an easy or an attractive target.

“Always lock doors and windows and where possible, don’t leave presents on view in your home nor indeed in your car. Reduce your chances of becoming a victim of crime by taking appropriate crime prevention measures.”

Further information or advice can be obtained from Down PCSP by contacting at email address or by telephone on 02844 610857.