Alliance Councillor Clarke Welcomes Electricity Price Drop

ALLIANCE Newcastle Councillor Patrick Clarke has welcomed the decision by Power NI to cut their electricity prices by 14%.
The reduction becomes effective in October 2012.  The company said the price cut would shave £80 a year off a typical household’s electricity bill. It follows a rise of 18.5% last year.
Councillor Patrick Clarke said:  “This decision by Power NI to cut electricity prices by 14% will bring welcome relief to consumers across South Down and Northern Ireland who are struggling to keep up with household bills. With many people in recent years having to face the decision between heating or eating during the winter period, this price drop will help them get through this winter.”
“I would urge all utility firms to ensure that any savings that they are making are passed onto consumers. PowerNI said they would do this, so I thank them for honouring this commitment.”
“This price drop could also be the result of greater competition in the electricity markets in recent years. I hope that other firms will also be making similar announcements in the coming months.”