Ulster Scots on Show at Westminster

Strangford MP Jim Shannon.centre with representative of the Ulster Scots Society in Westminster.[/caption] He said:  “The first showpiece that they have had. This was to strengthen the close relationships between Ulster and Scotland and our shared interest in music, history and culture and with this being the case I knew it would be a well supported event. Labour and Scottish National Party as well as Conservative MPs all attended and enjoyed the musical interlude and the Ulster Scots dancing with the quartet from mid-Ulster impressing all. “Our very own Mark Thompson was present and the Low Country Boys singing group is well-known to us all. Mark’s knowledge is inspirational and he quickly connected with MP’s from all parties. “This event was so vital and with the independence vote for Scotland coming in 2014, our historical connection with Scotland is a vital link. Everyone loved the music and the dancing and right here at Westminster. Strangford was playing its part in showcasing at the highest level. Again, I was so proud to be an Ulster Scot.”]]>