Hazzard Welcomes Committee’s Focus on Local Fishing Industry

SOUTH Down MLA Chris Hazzard has said he is keen to ensure that “any review into our local fishing industry can be a catalyst for unprecedented success”.

Also sitting on the Agriculture Committee at Stormont, Chris Hazzard said: “Following agreement within the Committee, our local fishing industry will be put under the spotlight in 2013 as the Committee look to review the threats and opportunities that face the industry in the years ahead.
Mr Hazzard added: “I was keen to ensure that the committee undertook a piece of work in relation to our local fishing industry, so I am delighted that they have agreed to the proposal.
“We have a very successful, yet delicate and diverse fishing industry here in Co Down and I believe that the Agriculture Committee should do all it can to shine a light on the various factors at play in an effort to promote and protect the industry.
“In the months ahead our fishing industry will be greatly affected by evolving European dynamics – including a transformed Common Fisheries Policy with a new regionalised focus – so it is vital that the Committee do all in its power to help give our power to help give our local industry a leg-up in the face of such uncertain circumstances.”