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UKIP Comments on Thatcher
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UKIP Down District representative Alan Lewis has commented on the passing of one of the United Kingdom’s most famous Prime Ministers, Margaret Thatcher.

He said: “We remember momentous times in history as she famously fell out of favor with Unionists when she sold the right of our affairs to a foreign nation, a signing which she later went on to regret.

“However some of those who most vigorously condemned her  are now appointed to the highest offices in government.

“We all have our opinions on Mrs Thatcher but everyone must collectively remember her achievement as our countries first female Prime Minister in a male dominated environment.  Her defense of the people of Falkland islands’ right to self determination and her robust attitude to those terrorists that sought to destroy our providence was to the fore.

“Today I sat in the UKIP office at Stormont as all parties rose in the Assembly to pay their respects. Each party had their disagreements with her time in office but mentioned them respectfully. When Sinn Féin rose I was astonished by the belligerent, venomous words.

“UKIP has sent our condolences to the Thatcher family. May I say I don’t agree with some of her policies but can find the compassion to admit she was one remarkable lady.”