UFU Welcomes Fibrus Connecting Local Communities

Mid Down Ulster Farmer’s Union welcome Fibrus’ commitment to connecting local communities around Ballynahinch

Mid Down Ulster Farmer’s Union welcome Fibrus’ commitment to connecting local communities around Ballynahinch

Mid Down Ulster Farmer’s Union has welcomed the arrival of Northern Ireland’s fastest growing broadband provider, Fibrus to Ballynahinch and the surrounding area, as part of its campaign to revolutionise rural connectivity.

Fibrus is currently rolling out 21st century full-fibre infrastructure to rural and regional parts of Northern Ireland, bringing hyper-fast broadband to areas across which have previously been left in the digital darkness.

Jemma Dougherty, Fibrus Communication Specialist with Fiona Patterson, Mid Down UFU in Ballynahinch.

The relationship between Fibrus and the Ulster Farmers’ Union was launched earlier this year when the full-fibre company became ‘Affinity Partners’ of the organisation. UFU members will receive support and special rates to help move their farming business online using the new Fibrus network.

Jemma Dougherty, PR and Communications Specialist at Fibrus was in Ballynahinch to launch the live network. She said: “We are already making significant strides in transforming rural regions and addressing the digital imbalance that exists between urban and rural areas. At Fibrus, we are committed to connecting communities and equipping rural businesses – whether SMEs or farming businesses – to thrive in modern times.

“A lot of work has taken place so far and we still have a way to go, but working closely with the UFU has helped us identify ways to support the interests of local farms and ensure our network reaches those who need it most. We are delighted to finally launch our hyperfast broadband services in rural Ballynahinch and look forward to seeing all those who reap the rewards from it.”

Group Manager at Mid Down Ulster’s Farmers’ Union, Fiona Patterson added: “We are delighted that Fibrus’ broadband service is now available in our local area, as it will help boost our mission to support a vibrant and sustainable farming economy.

“Having access to quality connectivity networks is paramount to every member of our community, including families at home, businesses and services in our towns, and farms and agri-businesses in the countryside.

“Modern farming practices are becoming increasingly digitalised, from administrative processes to livestock monitoring, so connectivity is quickly becoming a crucial utility. Stronger broadband services should enable local farms to become more efficient and productive, resulting in a more sustainable future for their business. We hope many of our members avail of this beneficial opportunity with Fibrus.”

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