The Downs And Ups Of The Newcastle Ferris Wheel

Newcastle is set to have a ferris wheel next June now that final planning approval is awarded

Newcastle is set to have a ferris wheel next June now that final planning approval has been awarded

Full planning permission was approved yesterday (Wednesday 17th November 2021) for the installation of a ferris wheel in Castle Park in Newcastle.

Despite a twist in the consultation process, the Newry Mourne and Down District Council Planning Committee unamamously approved the planning permission for a ferris wheel to be installed.

The ferris wheel will tower over Castle Park at 21.5 metres but will only be on site for three months – June July and August – for three years starting in 2022. Visitors, tourists and local people in Newcastle will be able to see the Mournes, Newcastle and the County Down coastline from a new perspective.

A ferris wheel will be a big tourist and visitor pull to Newcastle.

It was agreed at a planning meeting of Newry Mourne and Down District Council this morning that permission be granted for a ferris wheel to operate at Castle Park with permission for a three year period to run through the summer months from June July and August. The ferris wheel will be removed from the site once it ceases to operate at the end of August each year and the amenity site will be returned to a grassy area.

Cllr Laura Devlin said that she had initially objected to the first outline planning proposal but was now happy with the current application. Cllr Devlin said that the ferris wheel will be “a major boost for tourism in Newcastle.”

The location of the ferris wheel is at the Castle Park public amenity area and has to comply with the local area Development Plan. There were no objections from the statutory agencies such as Rivers Agency, DfI Roads, Historic Environment, NIEA, Shared Environmental Services, and Newry Mourne and Down District Council’s Environmental Health section. The requirements of planning permission are that it should not cause a nuisance to local residential properties.

The Department of Infrastructure is content that there is adequate flood warming mechanisms in place regarding the Flood Risk Assessment with adequate mitigation in place in the event of future flooding.

As the planners were recommending approval, they were content with the ferris wheel being erected within the Newcastle settlement area regarding its size, design, and specific conditions to be met such as operating hours. The ferris wheel is not expected to affect the neighbours, impact of their light provision or impact of the built heritage. The planners indicated that there were no objections received.

The temporary APPROVAL recommended by the planners will end on 31st August 2024.