Turn Your Scrap Car into Cash for NSPCC

NSPCC Northern Ireland is calling on people whose cars have given up the ghost, or are due to be replaced by a shinier, newer model for 2013, to considering donating them to NSPCC, through the not-for-profit social enterprise Giveacar.

Giveacar has been supporting the NSPCC since January 2010 and in that time has helped to raise £21,000 by accepting donations of cars from members of the public. Completely free of charge, Giveacar will collect your unwanted vehicle, auction it on your behalf and donate the proceeds of the sale to charity. For every car donated, the NSPCC receives 70 per cent of the value. Clare Galbraith, NSPCC community fundraising manager for NSPCC Northern Ireland explained: “This is a great scheme – not only does it save you time and hassle but by donating the value of your car you’re helping vulnerable children and young people to access services which can help them turn their lives around. “Millions of cars come off the road every year. If you’re buying a new, why not donate your old one to the NSPCC? You can donate other items too – exercise equipment like rowing machines; mobility scooters; and ride-on lawnmowers; to name just a few.” Alex Harvey, Manager at Giveacar, said: “We think it’s wonderful that cars that have been protecting children on school runs and holiday breaks can continue to provide protection by funding the NSPCC when it’s time to get rid of them.” To find out more about Giveacar and to arrange collection of your old car, visit www.giveacar.co.uk or call 0207 736 4242.]]>