Truss Must Restore The Assembly Says Hazzard

New PM must act urgently to restore Executive

New PM must act urgently to restore Executive

South Down Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard has said the British Prime Minister must urgently work to restore the Executive at Stormont.

He said it will help “put money in the pockets of workers and families who are struggling with the cost-of-living emergency.”

Speaking from Westminster, the South Down MP said: “Liz Truss must immediately work to restore the Executive and Assembly so we can help people who are struggling with soaring costs.

Chris Hazzard MP says PM Liz Truss must act now to help people facing difficulty with energy and cost-of-living costs.

“Workers, families and small businesses across South Down are struggling with energy bills that are simply out of control and unaffordable. They need help now to tackle this cost-of-living emergency.

“The British government must act now to cut people’s bills and stop big energy companies from ripping people off by taking real action.

“Liz Truss should stop facilitating the DUP’s destructive and self serving boycott of government. Sinn Féin is ready to form an Executive today to put money in the pockets of workers and families and invest an extra £1 billion in our health service.

“The fact that she is the fourth British Prime Minister in ten years, is a reminder that the Tory chaos at Westminster has failed ordinary people and put its own interests first.

“We need a change of tack from this British government. One that honours international agreements and respects the outcome of the Assembly election in May 2022 when people voted for real change.”

Finance Minister Murphy Calls For Truss To Act To Save Businesses

Finance Minister Conor Murphy today called on the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss to deliver a package of meaningful measures which deliver for businesses.

Speaking during a visit where he met local businesses, Conor Murphy said:  “I heard first hand today of the hardship businesses continue to experience as the cost of living crisis deepens and energy prices continue to rise.

“Every day we hear of businesses left with no choice but to cease trading or to compress their opening hours in order to make savings on running costs.

Finance Minister Conor Murphy has talked to small businesses and is now calling on PM Liz Truss to act to prevent businesses collapsing.

“The unpredictable, crippling energy bills facing our small businesses are not sustainable. For months I have been calling on the British Government to intervene to support businesses and their workers.

“Liz Truss must act now before it’s too late for more businesses. The Westminster Government must step up and urgently deliver support which makes a real difference.

“The message from businesses is clear. They want meaningful measures to be taken. For a start, action should be taken immediately to reduce VAT and duties on fuel and energy bills.

“The reduced VAT for the hospitality sector must also be re-instated to assist these businesses, which were so adversely impacted by the pandemic.

“Given the ever deepening crisis, more will need to be done to tackle the scale of energy bills expected over the winter months.”

Minister Murphy added: “It is essential that any package of measures put in place is delivered quickly to support our businesses and protect the jobs of those they employ.”