Chris Scott Show Chats About Humanist Funerals

Listen in to the last Chris Scott show on FM105

Listen in to the last Chris Scott show on FM105

“My Way” by Humanist Funeral Celebrant Joan Davis from Banbridge will be featured on The Chris Scott Show, FM105 Down Community Radio, on Wednesday 14th September, 2022  (7-8pm)

Chris talks to Joan Davis, a Humanist Funeral Celebrant, from Banbridge about her work. She said: “Humanist funerals offer a personal and fitting way to support families in saying goodbye to those who have lived without religion.

“They support family and friends to celebrate the life of the person who has died. They focus on the life they led, the relationships they forged, and the legacy they left.

“And they are based on the humanist perspective that every life is individual and valuable.”

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Presenter Chris Scott said: “Please tune in on Wednesday 14th September to listen to this fascinating conversation with Joan Davis. It is a thought-provoking chat about a subject that we all probably want to avoid!

“Music this week is from AlphavilleDisturbed and Shirley Bassey.

“This is the last Chris Scott Show on FM105 Down Community Radio. I would like to thank-you for all your support over the past number of years. Too many people to mention!!  Thanks to all in the media for their support. 

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