Ten Year Old Finds Drugs In Downpatrick Playground

Children playing in the Colmcille Road area of Downpatrick had a narrow escape after a bag of drugs was found in a play park.

It would only take one unsuspecting child to think that this was a sweet or a bag of sherbet and take it, with possibly lethal or serious medical consequences.

Downpatrick police said that a small bag was handed in to them on Wednesday after it was found by a ten- year old while out playing in her local play park in the Colmcille Road area of Downpatrick.

Councillor Colin McGrath (SDLP) has urged anyone with information about the drugs’ find to go to the police immediately.  He said: “It is disgraceful to think that anyone would consider consuming such substances in a children’s playpark without giving serious consideration to the possibility that children might end up accessing these drugs.

[caption id="attachment_55557" align="alignleft" width="390"]A small bad of speed (amphetamines) was found by a ten-year old girl in a play park in Downpatrick. A small bad of speed (amphetamines) was found by a ten-year old girl in a play park in Downpatrick.[/caption]

“This incident only highlights the total disregard that drug-takers have for our community and our children. I would urge anyone with any information to contact the PSNI as it is important that an individual with such disregard for public safety needs to answer for their actions.

“I would urge parents to be vigilant in the time ahead but to recognise this as an isolated incident and not one that is often repeated. Our playparks must be safe spaces for our children and I am sure they will continue to be.

“I have asked Down Ditrict Council to ensure that the park in question is given an extra clean to ensure the safety of all that use it.’

Drugs find ‘appalling’ say Sinn Féin Councillor Naomi Bailie has said that drug dealers in Downpatrick are not welcome after news broke that a ten-year-old child found amphetamines in a Downpatrick Play park.

The find was made at the play park on Colmcille Road in the Model Farm estate, one of small number of facilities for children in the area.

Councillor Bailie said: “This play park it is used every day by many local kids. I understand that it is currently maintained by Housing Executive and I’ve requested that they undertake more routine and regular checks and cleanses of the parks in this area, following this development.

“Any drugs in this community are unwelcome, but to have a children’s play area used in this way is appalling. The harm that this could have caused is unthinkable and I appeal to drug dealers and users to stay away. You are destroying the innocence of young children in this community.

“Thank goodness that the child in question was sensible enough and reacted appropriately by handing the substance over to her mother. Had another younger child found this package, the outcome could have been much more serious.

“PSNI are investigating the incident and anyone with any information about drugs in this community should immediately report it to police. This can be done anonymously so no one should feel there are any barriers in bringing information of this nature to the authorities.

“Parents should be vigilant and instill into their children how to react if they find something suspicious or dangerous looking.”

A police spokesperson commented:

” We have tested the substance and it has been confirmed as amphetamine or more commonly known as ‘speed’.

“It is probably a parent’s worst nightmare for their child to find something like this. They thought this was a place of safety. “Thankfully the child had the sense to not open the package but to give it to a grown up. The spokesperson said that for any parent’s concerned about drugs’ issues, they could consult the website for information and advice: www.talktofrank.com/worried-about-a-child    ]]>