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Kilkeel Delights Over Impressive Christmas Tree

Kilkeel Christmas Tree Is Very Impressive Says Cllr McKee Mournes Councillor Harold McKee, Deputy Chairperson of Newry Mourne...

Hallowtides Flashback 2: A Warty Witch In Newcastle

Newcastle Hallowtides was a success from day one as many local people, businesses and organisation all bought into it. A brilliant family night out!

Armstrong Fears For Local Job Losses In National Trust

Strangford MLA Kellie Armstrong is concerned at the potential losses of jobs in the National Trust trust properties at Castle Ward and Mount Steward.

Check The Current Estimate Of Covid-19 R Number

The R factor indicating the level of transmission if the Covid-19 virus in Northern Ireland is currently between 0.5 and 1.0.

Rare Butterfly Found In Woodland Trust Survey

Rare Butterfly flutters by in Woodland Trust survey. The Faughan Valley may be miles away from County Down, but...

Dromore To Benefit From £1.4million Public Realm Scheme

Dromore is getting a £1.4million public realm scheme to lift up the town

Dromore Science Student On Internship In Switzerland

Anwin Robin from Dromore has enjoyed an internship in Switzerland.

DCHC Welcomes Trust Move To Re-open Downe ED

Downe Hospital ED to re-open on 19th October. The decision by the Trust is welcomed by the Down Community Health Committee and the wider community.

FSB NI Says Childcare A Key To Economic Recovery

The Federation of Small Businesses says that a childcare stratagy will help improve economic performance in Northern Ireland.

Down GAA Results For Wed to Fri 22-26 July 2020

The Down GAA results for 22-26 July 2020.

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