Students Urged To Register To Vote For Westminster Election

National Voter Registration Day is taking place tomorrow, Thursday 5 March, and NUS-USI President Rebecca Hall has encourage all students to register to vote and make their voice heard.

dn_screenVoter registration events are planned at students’ unions in universities and FE colleges around Northern Ireland to mark the day, and NUS-USI is helping supporting the events. NUS-USI President Rebecca Hall said: “National Voter Registration Day is a very important event and helps get the message across about how vital it is that people register to vote. It is extremely important that students make their voice heard and being registered to vote is crucial to doing this. “Voting enables people to have their say on key issues that affect their lives and it is absolutely vital that people ensure that they are registered. “NUS-USI is helping support the organisation of events to mark National Voter Registration Day in the students’ unions of universities and colleges around Northern Ireland, and these events will help promote a very important message to students. The theme is generation vote, because this is about ensuring a whole generation can make their voice heard. “Votes for all is a right that was hard won. People must remember this and must register to vote. “Democracy is a central pillar of our society and that means power lies in the hands of the public. I would strongly encourage everyone to register to vote. It is absolutely essential that students have the opportunity to make their voice heard.”