Still Lives Exhibition In Killyleagh Causes Quite A Stir

Still Lives Creates a stir at the Sir Hans Sloane Centre in Killyleagh.

Still Lives Creates a stir at the Sir Hans Sloane Centre in Killyleagh.

An exhibition by Northern Irish artist Paul Porter has been drawing art lovers to the Sir Hans Sloane Centre in the heart of Killyleagh. 

The show, entitled ‘Still Lives’, gets up close and personal with flowers, fruit and everyday objects, creating striking images whose subtle play of light emphasises their beauty. It also includes some dramatic modern landscapes and several hauntingly beautiful portraits executed with a stylish nod to past masters.

Artist Paul Porter pictured with Elizabeth Crilly, manager at the Sir Hans Sloane Centre in Killyleagh where the Still Lives exhibition is running.

Within just two hours of opening two-thirds of the canvasses had been snapped up! But the entire collection will remain on view until October 3rd.  Opening hours are Tuesday 10-1pm and 2- 7:30 pm. Wednesday 2-5pm, Thursday 10-12, Saturday 12-2pm.

Delighted with the reception, Paul thanked Elizabeth Crilly, CEO, and the Trustees of the venue for hosting the show, and said: “The Sir Hans Sloane Centre is a delightful, fresh and well considered environment and it was an honour to showcase my work there.

“It’s a busy and vibrant venue and attracts wonderfully mixed audiences, from local people to visitors interested in finding out more about the history and culture of the town and its locality.

“This is a great mix for artists who can benefit not only from showing their work, but also from chatting to people who come along to view.”

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