Sinn Féin Select Cleary For Rowallane

Sinn Féin have announced that Marianne Cleary will stand as their Council election candidate for the Rowallene District Electoral Area for the May Council election.

Marianne Cleary, the Rowallene Sinn Féin candidate pictured with Michelle O’Neill, right, party vice president. 

Ms Cleary, from Darragh Cross, has been to the fore in recent years for the party in the wider Rowallane area having graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University and returned home and proactively participated in various health campaigns such as Cancer and Meningitis Research.

As a young adult who has had to overcome very serious health concerns herself, and continually manages chronic pain, Marianne is passionate about healthcare issues and is determined to play her part in ensuring equal access to vital services for rural areas such as Rowallane.

Sinn Féin Vice President Michelle O’Neill welcomed Marianne’s selection and said: “I am really delighted to see Marianne selected to represent the party in Rowallane in this year’s local government election. She is an articulate, dedicated young woman who is hungry to deliver strong and vibrant political leadership for all in Rowallane – but particularly those people who feel marginalised and forgotten.

“I wish her all the best, and I know she will make a first class councillor in the years ahead.”