Ruane To Open Assembly Debate On Kilkeel Secondary Schooling

CAITRÍONA Ruane, South Down Sinn Féin MLA and a former NI Education Minister, has welcomed the opportunity to debate the amalgamation of St Columban’s and St Louis schools in Kilkeel in the Assembly.

Ms. Ruane said: “I have tabled an Adjournment debate in the Assembly for Tuesday 9 October to discuss the issue of the future of secondary schooling in the Kilkeel area.

“It is important that we have an agreed position and the best way forward is to allow an open debate so that all the arguments can be brought out into the open.

“At present there are two Catholic post primary schools and the vast majority of residents in the Kilkeel area favours one school to cater for all the children of the Mournes.

“I have been in favour of the amalgamation of St Columban’s and St Louis as I believe it will create an new school that will cater for all the children in the area on an equal basis allowing each and every one of them to maximise their potential.

“There is not the sustainability nor the resource to continue with two schools in the Kilkeel area.

“I believe that amalgamation not discrimination is the best way forward and I would invite people interested in the debate to come along to Stormont or contact my office to put their views forward.”