Ritchie Says Nuclear Deal Forced Through Despite Growing Opposition

dn_screenSDLP South Down MP Margaret Ritchie has criticised the British Government for the deal made on the future nuclear facility at Hinkley Point in England. The deal will see the Government cut its commitment to renewable power and is predicted to cause increased energy prices for the public.

Ms Ritchie said: “It is extremely disappointing that the British Government have decided to force through a deal for a nuclear reactor at Hinkley Point despite growing opposition to the plan. It is the consensus even among some within the Tory ranks that this deal is unbelievably bad both in terms of value for money and the risk it will pose as a potential environmental and health hazard for decades to come. “Even George Osbourne’s own father-in-law Lord Howell has criticised the move describing the design of the plant as outdated and agreeing that the terms of the deal will mean “eye-watering” energy prices for the tax payer. “Their relentless pursuit of this archaic nuclear strategy has also come at the expense of the UKs commitment to renewable energy. The Conservatives have drastically cut its support for solar energy while offering double the subsidy to this nuclear disaster. They are actively promoting and financially backing an energy strategy based on giving money to overseas state-back utility companies, rather than investing money in solar companies within the UK which have real potential for growth.”]]>