Retail NI Calls For Talks To Include Brexit Committee

Retail NI has given its reaction to the triggering of Article 50 and called upon the on-going talks on restoring devolution, to include the establishment of a NI Assembly Brexit Committee to scrutinise the Brexit process and to take evidence from key sectors of civic society.

Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said: “Retail is Northern Ireland’s largest sector of the economy and our members on the border and many other areas and have real concerns for the future post Brexit”

Glyn Roberts of Retail NI has called for a Brexit committee to be set up in the Talks at Stormont.

“Triggering Article 50 is the start of a huge process of economic, social and political change for Northern Ireland and it remains to be seen if this change will be positive for our local economy. Certainly leaving the Single Market and Customs Union is neither positive for our retail sector or local economy as a whole.

“Northern Ireland’s retail sector needs a lot more certainty than just a vague aspiration about ‘no return to the borders of past’. The bottom line is that Brexit should not result in any barriers in trade and free movement across the border.

“It clearly is a major problem not having an Executive in place to argue our case in these vital Brexit negotiations. We urge all the political parties to redouble their efforts to secure agreement for a new administration.

“As part of these discussions the political parties should consider establishing an Assembly Brexit Committee to scrutinise the impact of the Brexit process on Northern Ireland and to take evidence from key sectors of Civic Society.