O’Neill Welcomes Increased Recycling

NEWCASTLE area  SDLP Councillor and the Chairman of Down District Councils’ Environment Committee, Eamonn ONeill, has spoken out following the publication of recycling statistics across the North.

Councillor O’Neill said: “I wholeheartedly welcome the continued reduction in Household waste being sent to Landfill. Across the North there has been an 8% drop in household waste and a slight increase in household recycling. In Down District approx 40% of our total household waste is being recycled – this is to be commended.

“The decrease in the waste generated by households and the amount sent to landfill is a huge boost to our environment and is a clear commitment from Councils, and members of the public, that recycling works.

“I wish to commend my party colleague Minister Alex Attwood on this issue and applaud his steadfast commitment to meet the statutory 60% recycling objective for 2020 – a target for which we in Down District Council are on track to achieve.  However we, as a community, must continue on this recycling path to allow this objective to be realised.”