Councillors Welcome Progress On Dangerous Tree and Wall in Newcastle

NEWCASTLE residents have been concerned about the possible dangers of an old tree and a  wall in King Street (Kennedy’s Hill) in the town.

SDLP Councillor Carmel O’Boyle explained to Down News that “there has been much public concern about this and people wanted something to be done about it.

The scene in King Street where a damaged wall and an old tree are causing public safety concerns

“I first addressed this issue as far back as December 2011.

“Although it has taken almost nine months of negotiations to get something done about this matter, I am pleased to report that the Annesley Estate has finally agreed to remove the dangerous wall on King Street. The DRD intend to carry out a further survey to establish how dangerous the tree is at this part of King Street and hopefully it will be made safe.

This has been a frustrating matter but at least the area should be made safer before long. I can only apologise to local people who must have felt that nothing was being done, but I can assure them that during all this time, negotiations were taking place to establish who was responsible for what. This has at last been resolved, so we can look forward to work starting soon.”

Also, Sinn Féin Councillor Willie Clarke too had been active in trying to resolve the issues. He said: ” I had made representations to the Roads Service and Down District Council to ensure the owners, the Annesley Estate, removed the dangerous wall. There has been some concern from residents in regards to the large tree also. I have been assured that DRD officials will again survey the tree to ensure it isn’t a threat to public safety.

“I would like to thank staff from both organisations for their response to ensure remedial works were carried out to the damaged wall site. The wall was a major eye sore and indeed was very dangerous for residents and visitors alike.  There was a particular concern given the proximity of housing and two schools nearby.”