NIHE Meadowlands Clear Up Welcomed by Sinn Féin

DOWNPATRICK Sinn Féin Councillor Liam Johnston has thanked the management and staff of the NI Housing Executive for their prompt response to a query at Meadowlands in Downpatrick.

Meadowlands in Downpatrick has seen a number of improvements after a recent NIHE visit. Pictured are Liam Gunn, NIHE Assistant Manager, Down District Councillor Liam Johnston, and Ann Grant, Down Rural Community Newtork.

Councillor Johnston said: “I met last week with Housing Executive staff concerning a boundary wall behind numbers 41-61 Meadowlands after local residents had aired concern about the safety of the structure.

“Following my meeting the Housing Executive have had a structural engineer inspect the wall and reported back that the wall is of sound condition. I know this news will be welcomed by locals and instil confidence in them.

“During our visit to Meadowlands accompanied by Ann Grant, a development officer from the Down Rural Community Network,  I raised a number of other issues with the Housing Executive and to my delight these too have been dealt with. Overgrown vegetation has been cut back and alley ways throughout Meadowlands have been cleaned up.

“I would like to thank the management and staff of Downpatrick Housing Executive for their speedy resolution in dealing with these issues,” added Councilor Johnston.