MEP Calls For More Co-operation Over Fisheries Issues in EU

MEP Martina Anderson has voiced disappointment at the lack of cooperation from one of her fellow MEPs during the CFP reform negotiations that were going through the EU Parliament last week.

Martina Anderson said: “These negotiations are extremely important for the local fishing industry and I feel that as MEP’s it is essential that we work together to assist our fishing industry- both our fishermen and the many jobs in our processing sector. Therefore, I was disappointed that when my office repeatedly contacted Diane Dodds MEP’s office, seeking collaboration on our proposed voting intentions we were met with silence.
“While I sit on the Environment Committee dealing with different matters I am always willing to cooperate with other MEP’s, especially where it impacts on local interests. Diane Dodds has a significant position as a member of the Fisheries Committee in Brussels and has been involved in the detail of these Reform proposals in that role. However, although I am not a member of the Fisheries Committee, I recognise the significance of these votes for our local fleet and feel that we need to work together in their interests. I remain committed to using my mandate in the interests of all of the citizens of the north and feel that collaborative working in Brussels is vital especially as these important reforms are being progressed.”
Ms Anderson added: “I have been working well with other MEPs in Europe, not just Irish MEPS, but MEPs from many member states and I will continue to do so as I believe we need to maximise our influence to the benefit of our citizens and I hope this example of lack of collaboration will be an isolated incident.”