McCallister Welcomes Reinstatement Of Late Night Bus From Belfast To Downpatrick

John McCallister, Independent Unionist MLA for South Down, has welcomed the news that Translink has agreed to provide a late service from Belfast to Downpatrick on a Friday and Saturday evening.

[caption id="attachment_58956" align="alignleft" width="390"]Independent South Down Unionist John McCallister Independent South Down Unionist John McCallister[/caption]

This news comes after he made representations to have the late service reinstated following its removal as part of the review recently undertaken by Translink in response to the company’s ongoing funding pressures.

On hearing the development, Mr McCallister said: “I’m delighted to have been informed by Translink that they intend to provide a late service from Belfast to Downpatrick on a Friday and Saturday evening.

“I wrote to Translink last month to draw attention to the fact that the removal of the 10.30pm Belfast to Downpatrick service had seriously disadvantaged a large section of my constituency; in particular, those relying on the service at the weekend who wanted to socialize in Belfast but being responsible, would not drive knowing they were going to have a drink.

“Older people too were also being disadvantaged as many are reluctant to drive at night, especially at this time of year, yet still enjoy a night out in the city knowing they can access safe and reliable public transport to take them home. The removal of the late service impacted largely on their lives and I asked the Chief Executive to review its decision with regard to this service. I am thankful that he took on board my representations and the provision of the 10.35pm service on a Friday and Saturday evening is welcome news indeed”.

The new service will commence from 30 November.