Mayor Of Ards Hosts Royal Gun Salute

dn_screenThe Mayor of Ards, Councillor Philip Smith, had the great privilege of hosting the Royal Gun Salute on Friday 6 February 2015 at Hillsborough Castle to mark the anniversary of the Accession of Her Majesty the Queen.

The 38 (Irish) Brigade extended the invitation to Ards Borough Council to host this special event, with the salute being taken by the Saluting Troop of 206 (Ulster) Battery, Royal Artillery.

The Mayor was delighted to support and participate in the important occasion.

He said: “It was a great honour to be asked to by the 38 (Irish) Brigade to be part of the Royal Gun salute. As the life of Ards Borough Council ends on the 31 March 2015, it was fitting that the salute should mark the closing of such a significant chapter in the history of our area.

“It was also a chance for the Council to pay tribute to those community representatives present, to thank them for their valued contribution to the borough of Ards.”