Bailie Calls For Crack Down On Dog Fouling In Downpatrick Estates

Downpatrick Councilor Naomi Bailie has called for persistent dog fouling to be addressed in local estates.

She  said: “The Ardilea Park and Close areas of the Flying Horse Estate are littered with dog foul. Residents have been in touch with me to advise that the situation has got worse in recent times.

dn_screen“Dog foul is a nuisance for local people and is a safety concern for parents in this estate whose young children have limited space to use for play and recreation.

“The majority of the green space in the estate is covered with dog foul. I have now requested that Down District Council erect a dog foul bin in the vicinity of Ardilea Close. Council officials are investigating the need for such a resource and will carry out cleansing in the area to remove any present threat.

Dog foul bins help to encourage dog owners to be responsible and clean up after their pets, but ultimately owners bear the brunt of responsibility themselves.

Cllr Bailie added “Some dog owners think they can get away with not picking up their dog’s mess if an enforcement officer isn’t around. That is wrong! As more people come forward to report dog fouling offences, irresponsible dog owners may start to think twice about not picking up their dog’s mess.

“I have also requested that Down Council dog wardens step up their checks in this particular estate. Dog owners who fail to pick up their dog’s mess, bag it and bin it, are letting the community down. People should take a stand and report it to help stamp out the problem.”