Lyric Offers £10 Front Seats For McCafferty’s Fire Below Play

Fire Below, A War Of Words

Tickets | £10 – £18
15% Discount | Before Midnight Aug 23
Weekend Front Row Tickets £10 | Before Midnight Aug 23.

What happens to reconciliation when there is no one specific act of violence to reconcile? Fire Below : A War of Words, is a companion piece to McCafferty’s hugely successful play Quietly (2012).

Gerry and Rosemary and Tom and Maggie are neighbouring couples who have lived through conflict from a distance. Now, nearly 20 years on from the Belfast Peace Agreement, they sit on Gerry and Rosemary’s deck having a glass of wine on a nice summer’s evening, putting the world to rights while waiting for the 11th night bonfire to be lit in the estate below.  Yet there is something missing – the truth.  What they actually think about each other is only ever one unguarded comment away. And who knows when and from where that comment will come.

Directed by Lyric Executive Producer Jimmy Fay, the brilliant cast includes:
Ruairi Conaghan, Cara Kelly, Frankie McCafferty and Ali White

This is a co-production between the Lyric Theatre & the Abbey Theatre in association with Belfast International Arts Festival.

60 Front Row tickets are available for every Friday and Saturday night and for weekend matinees for just £10 when booked before Midnight Aug 23.

15% discount available on all other tickets (excluding concessions) when booked before Midnight Aug 23.