Keep Your Dog Safe Near Reservoirs

Keep your dogs ‘pawsitively’ safe around our reservoirs

Summer is fast approaching which means everyone can get out and enjoy some fresh air, including our much loved dogs. NI Water is asking the public to be mindful of a few things when bringing dogs on walks around reservoirs.

NI Water is proud to host visitors to many of our sites. Walkers with dogs are reminded that across all NI Water sites dogs should be kept on a lead at all times.

his is to ensure the safety of both your pets, grazing livestock and local wildlife. Many sites owned by NI Water, such as areas of the Mourne Mountains and Garron Plateau, are used by local farmers to graze livestock.

NI Water owns lands that are designated for habitats and wildlife.  It aims to protect the environment and enhance biodiversity whenever possible by demonstrating high standards of environmental care.

Keep your dog safe on a lead near reservoirs says NI Water.

It is important everyone helps maintain this when visiting NI Water sites and to follow the ‘Leave no Trace’ ethos. Here are a few ways you can help:

  • Put all dog waste and litter in bins provided
  • Please use walking trails provided, stick to the path
  • Please always keep your dog on a lead

Rebecca Allen, NI Water Catchment Officer, said: “Often the presence of a dog is enough to spook sheep or cattle and cause it to harm itself in an attempt to get to safety. 

“Sheep can also lose lambs due to the stress.  This is very distressing for the farmer as sometimes animals have to be put down due to injury. 

“Dogs off a lead can also disrupt breeding birds, and damage nest and eggs which are on the ground. 

“Our special countryside provides homes and food for many grazing animals and birdlife, so we would ask that you keep your dog on a lead at all times to keep birds, grazing stock and your dog happy and healthy when they are out for a walk.”

NI Water thanks all visitors who keep their dogs on leads when enjoying the countryside