August 12, 2022, 8:49
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Brown Backs More Information Sharing For Animal Welfare

Improved information sharing would help prevent exploitation of animals says Brown Stronger regulations on the legal trade of puppies...

Brown Calls For Action On Illegal Puppy Farming

Cllr Patrick Brown brings motion to council on illegal puppy farming Rowallene Councillor Patrick Brown, the Alliance Party Animal...

Dogwalkers At Inch Abbey Barking Mad Over DfC Decision

Alliance Councillor Patrick Brown concerned at the Department for Communities Decision that all dogs must be on leads at Inch Abbey.

Pets Will Need Certs If Travelling To NI After January 1st

NI pet owners must take urgent action when travelling from Great Britain to Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland (NI) pet...

Brown Gets Council Support On Dog Euthanasia Issue

Cllr Patrick Brown succeeds with a strong motion to a council committee to ensure dogs are not put down at the Council kennels unless it's absolutely necessary and everything is done to save them.

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