Gallaun Residents Association Hold Summer Celebration

Gallaun Residents In Downpatrick Enjoy A Street Party to Celebrate Midsummer And The Improvements Within Their Community.

Gallaun Residents In Downpatrick Enjoy A Street Party to Celebrate Midsummer And The Improvements Within Their Community.

Who would have guessed that from Maya Goodfellow casually picking up litter in the Gallaun estate area over a year ago that a residents’ association would have been formed and the residents enjoying taking control of some aspects of their local life?

Maya Goodfellow, Chairperson of the Gallaun Residents Association with Diane Davidson, Clanmil Housing Association Neighbourhood Services Officer, and Teresa McGrath, committee member and volunteer.

On Monday 21st June, midsummer day, the committee of the Gallaun Residents Association organised a street party. With a disco by Conor Murphy DJ and a bouncy castle, 20x free pizzas donated Apache Pizzas, free ice cream and loads of goodie bags, children and residents enjoyed the craic for a couple of hours.

Maya Goodfellow, chairperson of the Gallaun Residents Association said: “It has been a great afternoon. The committee has fundraised to pay for all this by themselves and they have done an excellent job. Well done to them!

Conor Murphy DJ and volunteer Joe Trainor with sisters Kaydee and Caragh Murphy soaking up the music at the Gallaun Residents’ summer event.

“I think the highlight of the afternoon was the delivery of 20 pizzas donated by Apache Pizza in Downpatrick. They were very much appreciated and we’d like to thank Apache Pizza for their great gesture.”

Maya added: “The committee is a band of dedicated volunteers and they really make a difference in improving life around the estate. They are a great team.

Maya Goodfellow, chair of the Gallaun Residents Association, finalises the draw tickets which helped fundraise for the mid-summer celebration on the estate.

“From the beginning we have been well supported by Clanmil Housing Association and Diane Davidson their Neighbourhood Services Officer has been very helpful. Clanmil actually asked me to help set up the group and we haven’t looked back. Now we have a great team of active volunteers.

“The Association aims to support the health of the local residents, and tries to provide services, community events, and essential supplies and educational activities. There is usually always something happening.

“The weather today has been absolutely fantastic with the sun splitting the stones. The children have had a brilliant time. Who would have guessed we’d be this well organised over a year ago when the Covid-19 epidemic was taking off.

We all live in a yellow submarine…. Gallaun residents enjoyed disco music, a bouncy castle, ice cream and goodie bags, minerals and also 20 free large pizzas from Apache Pizza. Pictured are Scarlett Grace Kelly and Teresa McGrath, Gallaun Residents Association Volunteer.

“We have had to do a risk assessment for running this event and certainly have ensured that all the social distancing is in place to ensure maximum public safety due to Civid-19.

“This event has once again shown that volunteer effort can make the world of difference to the quality of people’s lives. So well done to them all for their superb efforts in making this event such a great success despite the current health restrictions,” added Maya Goodfellow.