Farry Stands For Alliance In North Down

Farry the Remain choice for North Down, after selection for Westminster race.

Stephen Farry will be the Alliance candidate for North Down in the General Election, the party has announced.

The North Down MLA was selected by local party members and said he was looking forward to continuing the pro-Remain voice from the constituency in Westminster.

Stephen Farry is fighting for the North Down seat.

Stephen Farry has represented North Down since 1993 as Councillor and Mayor, and as MLA since 2007. He was Minister for Employment and Learning between 2011-2016.

He said: “Alliance has always been quite clear – there is no such thing as a good or sensible Brexit. Already it has brought chaos and increased division to Northern Ireland, as well as the wider UK.

“That’s why this election is so important. It is a chance for people to say they have had enough of the devastation Brexit has had already and will continue to have on local businesses, farmers and others right across our society, including the Good Friday Agreement.

Alliance North Down candidate Stephen Farry, right, with South Down Alliance candidate Patrick Brown.

“The no deal Brexit pursued by the Tories and their partners the DUP in particular would be catastrophic for all of Northern Ireland. North Down had a strong pro-Remain voice in Westminster in the shape of Lady Sylvia Hermon who has stepped down as MP.

“I want to continue that, building on her work, and advocate on behalf of the people of the constituency that our best future is in the EU, helping reform and shape it.

“It is simple – in this election in North Down it will come down to a straight fight between Alliance for Remain and the DUP for a hard Brexit. Alliance is the strongest and clearest pro-Remain party in the constituency, and I ask if voters want to Remain, then they vote Alliance on Thursday December 12.”