Ballynahinch Couple In Second Series Of With This Ring


UTV is running a second series of With This Ring.

A Ballynahinch couple Matthew and Andile Gould are to star in a UTV series about married life.  ‘With this Ring’ returns for a second series on 12 November featuring nine couples in total who are sharing their thoughts and experiences about married life in Northern Ireland.

Matthew and Andile have been married for five years. Andile is originally from Zimbabwe and they first met when Matthew was volunteering with Andile’s church in South Africa. They have recently had their first child, a little boy named Ezekiel. Matthew flew to South Africa to propose as a surprise engagement.

The series features nine different couples in all from all over Northern Ireland, each with their own unique story, but all of whom are open and honest about their relationships.  From a couple who have just tied the knot to a couple who have been married for over 50 years (and everything in between,) The couples will be chatting through the highs and laughing at the lows in what can only be described as the rollercoaster of married life.

Andile and Matthew Gould from Ballynahinch will be one of the couples taking part on With This Ring.

Other couples include Marie and Lynas from Dundonlad who’ve been married for 42 years despite Lynas once having tried to strangle her, albeit in his sleep!; Belfast couple Michael and David who had a civil partnership in Lusty Beg just last year; and Alana and Shane from Omagh whose wedding video became an internet sensation.

Each of the eight episodes will focus on a different area of married life.  The series touches on first dates, proposals, trials and tribulations of the Big Day, having children, annoying habits and reflections on what their marriage vows mean to them.

Tony Curry, Editor of Programmes at UTV said: “This new series is a fun, light-hearted and touching look at the trials and tribulations of married life.  The series will provide us with an A to Z of a lifetime of memories together.”

The series is sure to strike a chord with viewers as the couples share their experiences and look at the lighter side of life and the things that ‘drive them nuts’ about each other.  

All the couples will be portrayed relaxing on their own sofas, sharing their stories and thoughts.   Through their anecdotes, home movie footage and old photos we will discover what life was like back when our couples tied the knot and how they have endured one another to the present day.

‘With this Ring’ is produced for UTV by Belfast-based independent company Triplevision Productions and is sponsored by Ellison’s Jeweller’s Belfast.  The series starts with a double episode Tuesday 12th November on UTV at 8pm and runs for eight episodes in total.