Dundrum Struggle Against Derriaghy

Dundrum again self-destructed in a very one sided game at Queensway with Derriaghy coasting to victory by a massive 149 runs writes Jeffrey Maquire.

It was the manner that Dundrum folded again that was the concern for most as extras 54 were the top score in the total of 254. The villagers bowled 17 wides with the short boundary equalled  37. But the worst part of watching it was the batsmen played some of the worst shot selection I’ve seen as they succumbed in only 27 overs for just 105 runs.dn_screen

Derriaghy,  with one eye on the national cup final the next day, batted first and struggled as Dundrum for the first 20 overs. Dundrum  bowled and fielded  well with both James Martin 1 for 9 of three overs  and Adam Symington getting a wicket apiece. They were on top at 56 for 2 but the next 30 overs were as bad as it gets with 198 runs scored as they forgot the simple rule of bowling line and length and appling the basics.

Derriaghy did what most decent sides do which is try and bat the full 50 overs and put the fielders under pressure with good running.  Mark Yates had 2 for 37  who has been the best bowler all season again was excellent in his line and length. He got the two big wickets Yogesh Takawale 34 and Craig Lewis also on 34 was caught at the fourth attempt by a relieved Jack Taylor.   It was strange Adam Symington didn’t get more overs as 4 overs 1 for 10 suggests he was under used but Rahi Kakade 1 for 51 Joel  Maguire 1 for 41 was decent in three spells.

Andy Bassett  again bowled ten straight overs 1 for 54  and was unlucky with poor fielding, and with both boundaries short it was hard to pitch the ball up, but James Martin got two wickets in his fourth and last over 3 for 17 in only four overs and Jack Calverts only over went for 19 with Adam still smiling over that as he went for 17 last week. Dundrum knew they were safe and the home side made them pay for  a shocking last 30 overs .

The batting was pitiful, and no disrespect the bowling wasn’t anything special as every player contributed to their own demise. Kakade 24, Bassett  16 Maguire 10 , Yeates 11 Jack Calvert 10 (on the deck strange that for him  with short boundaries ) and Andrew Foster 9  with Mattie Jennings gladly taking 4 for 22.  Most players simply gave their wicket away with no one interested in grafting or getting a partnership going and yes, there was four under 18’s playing but the senior players must understand the way you get experience is by learning from your mistakes. The whole team are guilty off not practicing what they preach and it will be interesting to see how the villagers approach  the last three games now that they are safe from relegation.

The Match Ball was sponsored by  THE COOKIE JAR  in Newcastle.

Saturday match is  Dundrum v Muckamore (champions) at noon Sunday followed by Dundrum v Carrick  – also at noon.