Cuan Mhuire is Busy In Addiction Rehabilitation

The Friends of Cuan Mhuire Reach Out

A Helping Hand To Those In Addiction. 

Cuan Mhuire is Ireland largest voluntary provider of support and treatment for individuals suffering from addiction and other related issues

Since its formation in 1966 by Sister Consilio, Cuan Mhuire has treated over 75,000 people.

Its main objective is the rehabilitation of persons suffering from alcohol, drug and gambling addictions. At any one time, Cuan Mhuire has 600 people in treatment through its five centres, one which is based in Newry,  throughout the country.

Pat McGinn, right, and Des Murphy (Friends of Cuan Mhuire) with Oonagh Lavery (Cuan Mhuire Support Worker),  and Gerry McElroy, staff member.

Over the past two years Kerry born Nun Sr Consilio has been working to develop a new support network ‘Friends of Cuan Mhuire’ for those struggling to recover from addiction issues and also to help, advise and signpost those seeking advice.

Sr Consilio speaking about the initiative said:  “When people finish a program, they often feel out of place for a time, and so for that period, they need support, a place to call into and meet each other. If you had a support group, with a number of people who are already out there and doing well who could provide camaraderie, friendship and fellowship — that would be important also for the families because they worry that their family member will go back to the addiction again.

Sr Consilio, founder of Cuan Mhuire.

“But if they have help and support in their town, families can get support and help from people who are well and get them to talk to the person they are worrying about.

“Friends of Cuan Mhuire’ is a new support network, being established in towns across Ireland, for people in recovery and their families, where people are helped find their feet in the early, and sometimes difficult, days of recovery. “somewhere to go, someone to talk to, friends to rely on and a welcome whenever you call by.”

“Each unit is independent, rooted in its own community, managed by the ‘friends’ themselves and link in friendship to the nearest Cuan Mhuire centre”.

Pat McGinn speaking about the vision of Sr Consilio and the work of “Friends of Cuan Mhuire said: “Sr Consilio sees the establishment of a network of  Friends of Cuan Mhuire rooted in communities as essential to not only the tackling of addiction and the sustainability of recovery for addicts and their families but also to the general   health and well being of our communities. The mission statement for our Friends Groups is simple but essential, it states:

“We are ordinary people who come together to support and help each other on our journey of recovery.

“We feel privileged to be there to accompany  and encourage each other.

“We reach out a helping hand to anybody needing support and if required we guide them to whoever or wherever there is help available.

“If we adhere to these guiding principles set out by Sr Consilio herself, I have no doubt that the Friends of Cuan Mhuire” will have positive influences wherever they exist”.

Camlough Street Collection.

This Saturday the 2nd of February, the local Friends of Cuan Mhuire Group will hold a street collection in Camlough village. Camlough man Des Murphy whose involvement in Cuan Mhuire stems from his late mother Meave’s close friendship with Sr Consilio, said: “We, the local ‘Friends’ will be collecting in Camlough  village this Saturday.

“I know that Cuan Mhuire couldn’t continue their work without the wonderful generosity of families, community and individuals. Sr Consilio and all involved with Cuan Mhuire really appreciate the support”.

Gerry Mc Elroy Cuan Mhuire Finance Officer thanking all for their efforts said: “We like most other Charities are constantly fundraising wether through events like this or our Charity Shops in Hill Street Newry and in Coalisland. All monies raised will go to ensuring that our life saving and life changing services continue to remain open and accessible to all.

“Our Friends of Cuan Mhuire Groups are steadily growing and recently in Belfast we opened a drop in hub at St Pauls Pastoral Centre on the Falls Road facing the Royal Victoria Hospital. Locally our Friends of Cuan Mhuire members are involved in our Schools and Community Outreach Programmes, all in their own way helping to carry the message of hope and recovery”.

Support the Friends of Cuan Mhuire Street Collection 

Saturday 2nd February in Camlough Village.