Chrissie Walsh From Killough Pens Seventh Novel

Retired Teacher Chrissie Walsh Completes Novel Number Seven

Retired Teacher Chrissie Walsh Completes Novel Number Seven

Chrissie Walsh from Killough, a retired primary school teacher, is creating a storm on Amazon Books as her seventh novel, ‘Weaver Street at War’, goes into print in May 2024 writes Jim Masson ©.

But coming soon on 23rd August 2023 is ‘The Midwive’s War’ which will be available then on Amazon.

Chrissie Walsh said: “This is a gritty tale of the midwives set in the Doncaster Hospital who in between delivering babies, dodging German bombs, helping injured airmen, and coping with the sea of grief around them, meet young airmen whose lives could be lost in an instant in the battle for the air.

The Weaver Street collection has proven to be very popular for Killough novelist Chrissie Walsh. (Photos: Jim Masson ©).

“There are great moments of joy, contrasted with times of pain and sadness and loss.

“My novels are focussed around strong, independent women, whose characters are well developed.”

She is a masterful writer and with every touch of the keyboard creates women especially who are robust, determined, tough, resilient and who know what they want.

Chrissie added: “I have found my writing self quite late on in life but I’ve stuck at it, just like my characters would do in their good old Yorkshire fashion, and I’ve created a Weaver Street series of books.

“My women characters in my novels span the period from the end of the First World War to Second World War covering the years of depression and hardship. The characters battle with the obstacles they face in life.”

“The female characters fight the sexism, discrimination and exploitation of women in the first half of the twentieth century against a backcloth of the days of the Suffragettes movement and women’s rights.

To date Chrissie Walsh has received excellent credits and reviews and is going from strength to strength thoroughly enjoying her writing career in retirement.

Chrissie Walsh takes a walk on the beach at Killough to help clear her mind for a writing session. She has now completed seven novels.

Her latest book published in May 2023 in Amazon Kindle and in print is titled ‘Hard Times in Weaver Street’  and is set in a post-World War One era.

“Life was certainly more peaceful them after the first war, but poverty was rife and was round every corner, and strong characters such as Kitty Conlon emerged to the fore.

“I love writing. I always felt I could do it and one day I just got writing and haven’t stopped since then. I found a good agent and things have worked out very well.”

Chrissie exercises her natural writing craft almost daily shaping her themes, characters and plots wrapped in her silky smooth style.

Chrissies’ first novel, ‘The Girl from the Mill’, iconically sets out her tough, uncompromising style in depicting her female characters as hard as the rocks in her native Yorkshire, and as gentle as the rolling drumlins in County Down where she now lives.

Check out Chrissie Walsh’s Amazon Books page (see below).

Lacey Barraclough, the heroine, a young mill worker, in the first chapter, faces down a male sex pest and wins the respect of her fellow workers.

Her characters are often women who seek to improve the quality of life for all, especially the women folk themselves who fight tooth and nail for their menfolk and their families.

Their main drive in life is to keep their families fed and safe. Her characters often tend to want to feel valued and respected, and at times loved.

Chrissie’s women are often tenacious and are always angling to make life that bit better whether it be for a new coat or a trip to Blackpool for the day.

They are ordinary working-class women, toiling selflessly, surviving in a world dominated by men. Their strong female bonds help them get through the hard times.

And as the second war begins, the anxieties of loss and separation are with them once again and they have to cope with these realities.

“I’d love for these books to be turned into a short series for TV. They touch on a lot of interesting aspects of life in the 20th century early on. That period all seems so far away, but many of the hardships and issues still confront women today.”


Books by Chrissie Walsh available on Amazon Books.

Starting with the first publication:

2019 January : The Girl from the Mill.

2019 November : The Child from the Ashpits.

2020 September : The Collier’s Wife.

2021 November : The Orphan Girl.

2022 July : Welcome to Weaver Street.

2023 May : Hard Times in Weaver Street.

And coming soon!

2023 18th August :  The Midwives War.

2024 May : Weaver Street at War.

All of Chrissie Walsh’s books are available on Amazon Books as Kindle digital version, print, hard copy or paperback, or as audiobooks.

Her books are on sale at “The Works”. And they can be purchased on demand at Waterstones and Smiths bookshops.  

Chrissie Walsh on Amazon Kindle

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