McGrath Addresses Downpatrick Black Spot

McGrath highlights accident blackspot on Bonecastle Road near Downpatrick

McGrath highlights accident blackspot on Bonecastle Road near Downpatrick

SDLP South Down MLA Colin McGrath has highlighted an accident blackspot at the Bonecastle Road in Downpatrick.

Mr McGrath received a huge response after highlighting a number of accidents in the area on social media.

He has called on the Department for Infrastructure to implement additional safety measures on the road.

South Down MLA Colin McGrath concerned at a black spot on the Bonecastle Road near Downpatrick.

South Down MLA Mr McGrath said: “Local residents in the Bonecastle Road area have been clear about the need for additional safety measures following a number of accidents in the same spot.

“There’s clearly an issue in this part of the road with drivers losing control.

“Unless we see safety work carried out soon somebody could be seriously hurt or worse, not to mention the continued damage to property of those living in this area.

“I welcome the Department for Infrastructure’s commitment to introduce bollards and reflectors in the area, but this is not a night-time issue.

“We need further action now. It’s only after I shared the shocking footage of numerous crashes that people have realised exactly how serious this situation is.

I cannot imagine what it must be like to live in the homes near this blackspot, never knowing when the next accident will occur, but knowing that it’s inevitable.

“After sharing the original footage I was sent even more footage of similar accidents in the area.

“While I would urge drivers on the Bonecastle Road to take extra precautions, it’s clear that this isn’t only an issue around speed or wet conditions.

“Drivers are regularly having issues and that’s fundamentally down to the road itself.

“I’m glad that these videos have shone a spotlight on this issue.

“But what we need now is further action from the Department to implement these much-needed safety measures around road alignment to keep motorists and residents safe.”