Children Rock At The Dance Den In Downpatrick

Dance Den in Downpatrick runs children's classes

Dance Den in Downpatrick runs children’s classes

Dance instructor Marie Lenaghan of Dance Den is delighted to announce that there are places available for children to join the children’s Saturday sessions.

The junior dancing is for the 3-6 year olds is from 12.00 to 12.45pm and the 7-12 year olds – boys and girls – dance from 1-2pm on a Saturday at the Owenbeg Bowling Club in Downpatrick. Sessions are just £5 per person.

Bernie said: “Dance is a great way for young children to get away from their iPads and get some exercise and socialise with other youngsters.

Children going through their steps at the Dance Den at the Owenbeg Bowling Club in Downpatrick.

“The children love the fun sessions where we cover all sorts of dance styles in an environment that is not competitive. The sessions are designed for them to learn in a comfortable way to appreciate dance and have fun.

“Children who want to get involved in competitions and more intense training once they are competent are in a separate section.

“Overall, the Dance Den is a healthy environment and has a great community spirit. The kids love it

Dancing Dan climbs over a fence to get to the Dance Den. You could not keep him away!

“It is amazing to see them come out of their shells and build their self-esteem and confidence as the sessions progress.”

And there is a fun dynamic for the smaller children. each week one of the dancers, boys and girls, get to take home the Dancing Dan and Dancing Daisy soft toys for the week for a sleepover.

Bernie said: “This is a real fun part because they have to tell us what kind of week they’ve had and sometimes it can be a real laugh for everyone as their stories unfold in front of the group.

“I’ve been teaching dance for over 30 years now and I have loved every minute of it. I have a studio in Ardglass where the finishing is done for those who go on to take part in competitions.

“The children learn all styles of dance from hip hop, rock, East Coast and West Coast, cha cha, waltzes, fox trot and many other genres. A lot of young ones just take to it like duck’s to water.

“After I had a cancer scare 10 years ago, I am less involved in competitive dancing now.

“However, my daughter Martina helps out with the children’s dance classes, and we will be taking part in a dance contest in Germany coming up soon at different levels.

“I am looking forward to taking part in this as it was always one of my dance ambitions years ago to go to this prestige event. Now it is turning into reality.”

Contact Bernie Lenaghan for more details: 07815823789.

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