Better NIHE Internal Communication Call from Rogers

SOUTH Down SDLP Assembly Member Seán Rogers has highlighted an area for improvement within the Housing Executive.

Mr Rogers said: “Just this week I was involved in a case whereby there was a delayed transfer of information between the Housing Benefit section and the Accounts Payable section of the Housing Executive which resulted in a Solicitor’s letter being sent to a tenant. This letter notified the tenant of a court date at which the Executive were intent on seeking repossession of the property for overdue rent arrears. This property has been home to this constituent for many years. “This caused a great deal of stress and anxiety for this family who overnight thought they faced eviction. “I contacted the NI Housing Executive by phone and the matter was swiftly dealt with and I pay tribute to those involved. However it is evident that the channels of communication between these two departments need to be improved. Not only did this one family undergo a great deal of stress, however, the Executive would also have had to pay the private Solicitor who acted on their behalf by issuing the letter. I have made representations to the Housing Executive in this regard. “I am extremely supportive of the Housing Executive and all of its functions but wish to highlight this small but significant area of concern,”]]>