Asda Downpatrick Erecting Temporary Store

Downpatrick Asda temporary store to open early in New Year

Downpatrick Asda temporary store to open early in New Year

Work is progressing quickly on site at the temporary building being erected currently facing the main entrance to the Downpatrick Asda store.

The temporary store which is just a steel frame at the moment has taken up a large part of the parking area and is expected to take another couple of months to complete and get ready for opening.

At the moment there are two buses a day running to the Asda Portadown outlet for the Downpatrick customers. Home deliveries are also on-going.

All hands to the pump: workers piece together the new temporary Asda store in Downpatrick facing the old store. (Photos by Jim Masson/Down News).

Adjacent to the main Asda building, Harry Corry and Pound Stretcher are now open but Peacocks is closed and at this stage there is uncertainty about it re-opening. McDonald’s is also up and running along with the stores at the back of the Ballydugan estate.

In an earlier statement, an Asda spokesperson said: “Following the severe floods which closed our Downpatrick store, a structural survey has revealed considerable damage to the building, which unfortunately means the store will be closed for the foreseeable future.

“To continue serving our loyal customers, we are operating a click & collect service from our Portadown store and increasing the number of home delivery slots available in the local area.

The Downpatrick Asda store (centre) building experienced structural issues because of the recent flooding and had to close. A temporary store is being erected and Asda are to decide on how to move forward with their long-term larger outlet.

“We are also running a bus service twice daily to our Portadown store.

“We are committed to Downpatrick and are aiming to open the temporary store in the next few weeks while we continue to explore all options for a permanent store.

“We will provide a further update on these plans once we have more information to share.”

The new temporary store for Asda in Downpatrick takes shape.