Armstrong To Stand For Alliance In Strangford

Alliance Strangford MLA Kellie Armstrong is set to contest the upcoming Westminster election for the Alliance Party in Strangford.

Selected by the local association on Thursday night, Kellie said she was delighted to again have the opportunity to take the Alliance message to the electorate. She added: “I’m offering voters a positive, Pro-Remain alternative to the status quo.

Strangford MLA Kellie Armstrong standing in her constituency in the parliamentary election.

“While the DUP is all too eager to assist the Conservative Government in delivering the hardest of Brexits, Alliance is committed to delivering a special deal for Northern Ireland, a special deal needed for our local fishing and agricultural industry.

“Alliance is fully committed to the power-sharing institutions and their return, however we also understand the need for NI to be represented by progressive voices working to strengthen and protect local interests.

“I want to see a more inclusive society, the sort of society that on-going Westminster investment in shared housing and shared and integrated education can deliver.

“With a background working in the community sector and a family grounded in Strangford, I am committed to serving the electorate and believe I can bring real change, tackling the stagnation that has hit Strangford in recent years in terms of jobs and development.

“This June we have a real opportunity to change the current direction of travel, delivering a positive transformation for everyone in Strangford.”